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download (12)Video production involves several personnel that are involved in the process of production, tvc and video production Sydney. There are those who are directly involved in the production known as the film crew and the casts. They include, producers, casts, scriptwriters, directors, costume designers, sound managers, camera crew .These are some of the roles of the unit.

  • The director.

The director is the force behind video production. Instructs actors and direct their act in every stage of the film. He is in charge of location setting and looks for the location of shoot. Production team which are obliged to shoot just exactly where the script directs and therefore it is the role of the director to organize all these and facilitate the transport. Directors can also double up as the producer in some circumstances especially well established ones.

  • Production team.

The production team is a group of people handling different offices in the production department. Can be one or more  depending on the amount of work they are involved .He or she appears as the boss in the production process ah they are mandated to hire the film crew, raises funds and pays all those involved ,strike deals with distributers such as those of costumes and materials to be used. They are fully involved in the whole process just from the start to the end. They control the quality of the film by ensuring it is well produced

  • Camera operators.

They set up the camera with the help of the director and capture the whole process. Are majorly involved in camera work .They may be a few or many depending on the amount of work.

  • Casts

They are the dramatic characters who complete the script. Take roles a per the script .Without them the whole production job cannot take place. They are hired and never permanent.

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